About DemocraSea

DemocraSea is a asymmetric loot-splitting board game of shifting alliances for 4-6 pirates. During the game, each player takes a secret share of treasure from the communal treasure chest. Then, all the players vote on whether the split is fair. Voting is complicated by the player who controls “Jefferson,” the ship’s parrot—he confers two votes!


fun components

DemocraSea is tactile and fun to play with. It includes real metal money, soft velvet bags, and a finger puppet parrot!


for all players

The strategic DemocraSea player appreciates that, through voting, the group can easily disadvantage a player perceived as too powerful (maybe because that player has a fat treasure bag, or maybe because he's known as the "one who always wins" at other games). It's a game about managing power carefully through taking social action, and then eking out a strategic victory.



DemocraSea was the winner of the Craft, Marketability, and Theme awards in CUDO Plays Season 3 and an Official Selection at IndieCade 2016.